“A full day training session about Windows analysis was conducted by Mohamad Daaboul the Managing Director of Analyzer Management Consulting and Lucia Vernon the Associate Director from Quantum Global Soluations at the Marriot Marquis Hotel.

Mohamad and Lucia explained to the trainee the advantages and disadvanteges of this method by appliying it on a realstice case study, then they guided them through the steps for producing a window analysis using exercises direct on their computer. The first half of the workshop was about the theory of window analysis followed by the second half of practical exercises.

Windows analysis is a critical path analysis technique. It involves the comparison of planned and actual performance during a period of time. This time period is referred to as a window of time or simply a window.

The advantage of this method is that changes in critical path are taken into account and the more windows used, the more accurate the result.
However, it is a time consuming process, especially on large projects, and needs reliable project records in addition to much effort and research. Therefore, Mohamad and Lucia also gave you suggestions how to analyse large projects for those of you engaged on such schemes.”